I could not conceive of art without experimentation. For this reason, I choose to live in modern cities as they are key hubs of communication. I also love watching the sea from a deserted beach, because the breeze and sound of waves have been unchanged for millions of years. I would like to be a plant to taste the soil; a fish to breathe water; a bird and not have vertigo. To be a saint and believe in heaven and hell; a witch doctor to believe in macumba. I like being in my studio with no phone, with perfect light, before a large canvas playing with colors, as if the canvas were a playground.

Tuscany is my land, and beyond the hills that form a curtain on the horizon, I know there is the sea. Mine are the natural colors of frescoes, and the ideograms that flower from the canvas, the synthesis of my language.


Paolo Buggiani’s work, whose artistic career spans over 60 years, can not be labeled under any category. He has been experimenting with a wide variety of mediums, ranging from paintings to fire sculptures to street performances.

The body of work that Arco Gallery presents is part of a series of intimate landscapes inspired by the land of Tuscany in Italy, where Buggiani grew up.

These works are prepared with a unique technique of fresco on canvas, mixing sand with pigment.The Tuscan countryside with its ancient villages and hills is rendered through the juxtaposition of large fields of earthy colors: warm reds, bright oranges and lushes lemony yellows.

Poetic sunsets, dreamy hill towns, and distant horizons are portrayed with emotional brushstrokes that transpose on canvas Buggiani’s memories of his birth-place.