JOHN STATHATOS is a Greek artist best known for his photographic work, mostly in a black - and white format, exploring philosophical, as well as sociological, and literary themes through the portraiture of objects (A Visual Primer of the World, 2011), natural elements (Three Heraclean Elements, 1991), and places (Arboretum, 2006). Independent from the subject matter, Stathatos's photographic work is imbued by a pronounced solemnity that compels the viewer to pause and consider the underlying meaning. His principal photographic works include Homage to Melville, 1988; The Gardens of the Hesperides, 1993; Akea, 1994; The Book of Lost Cities, 1996; Lumen, 2004; Lithoi/Stones, 2006; Airs, Waters, Places, 2009; and Change, 2012.